Hello! Welcome to a brand new RAINBOWHOLIC SHOP!

Hi everybody!

Welcome to our brand new shop, rainbowholicshop.com! We are very happy and pleased to share our revamped shop with an improved system, a new platform, and a bigger range of Japanese products! As we go along, we will definitely add more items that is why we sincerely invite you to follow our shop journey too. 🌈 

With our new online shop, we hope and aim to bring Japan closer to you through our products and happy mails carefully packed by the team! 🌈 

Rainbowholic Shop started with just one person (me, Kaila 😆 ). It has been quite a ride from absolutely nothing to where it is now. You can get to know more about the history / humble beginnings of our business here. Over the years, we have sent out over thousands of packages filled with yummy Japanese tea, cutest stationery, original products, and so much more. 💕 📦  We plan to offer more cute things in the future, so please do look forward~ 😉 

Of course, we would like to mention and express our deepest gratitude to our patrons (#rainbowholicpatreon members) for making this shop revamp possible. Without your monthly support, feedback, and encouragement, this webshop will not come to fruition.

If you have any comments / ideas that you want to share with us, feel free to comment down below!

Shop Opening Promotion Details

To show our thanks for our shop supporters, here are our shop opening offers!

1) Our first 100 customers will receive an extra freebie from us (different from the usual freebie).

(1 set per customer only / not per order)~

⭐️ ☁️ 🌈  ☁️ ⭐️

2) Free Kawaii Journaling printable for shop supporters! 🖨 

If you share our shop on your instagram and tag our account @rainbowholic.shop, you will be able to get the download link for this printable file (designed by tazdaunicorn!). 

Hope you guys like these!

Again, thank you for visiting our online store. We hope that you will like our offerings!


Kaila and team

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